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Discover daily events, births, deaths that happened back in history, with a clean & minimal iOS application, and learn something new every day!


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Display any size of widgets (small, medium, large) on your home screen so whenever you unlock your phone you'll see a glance at history. (Requires iOS 14)

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Multiple Languages

Explore more relevant historical events based on your language. Currently available in
  • - English
  • - Spanish
  • - German
  • - Hungarian
  • - French
  • - Italian
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Dark Mode

Historico supports dark mode out of the box, based on your system setting. Additionally, you can always adjust it under Preferences.

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Switch Days

Are you thinking about what happened throughout history on the date of tomorrow or 1 week from now? No worries, you can easily jump to any date and discover more.

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Sort Events

Sort events based on their date, popularity or just display those randomly.

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Daily Reminders

Never forget to check your daily dose of history by setting up automatic push notifications!

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No question, Historico was the first application that I installed on my phone.

Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell
Inventor, Scientist

I came, I saw, I conquered. Then I sat down and started to explore all the interesting events happening around me.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
Roman Politician

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